Bear Proof Containers


Our Rollins (Residential) Bear Cart is a heavy duty injection-moulded plastic cart. All carts come with a hinged lid and thick rubber wheels. With steel reinforcement around the lid and a large 2 clasp locking system, our bear-resistant carts have been designed as an easy-to-use and affordable solution for homeowners of all ages.

32 Gallon (120 Litre)
64 Gallon (240 Litre)

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Haul-All has designed the most reliable bear proof containers on the market. The Hid-A-Bag is used in over 250 national, state and provincial parks across Canada and the U.S. Because of its bear proof design, it also keeps all other types of animal out.


Hid-A-Bag is a stand-alone container, durable enough to be located just about anywhere, increasing user convenience and material collected. Its design allows for participation of all age groups and handicap persons, and placement in high profile locations, and eliminates lifting of heavy bags.

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Allows placement in high profile locations like highways, commercial districts, and community-based locations, including exclusive neighborhoods and multi-family dwellings.

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Locking food supplies in a bear proof food storage locker eliminates private property damage and keeps the bear’s diet natural. It is a proven method of eliminating food rewards, keeping shared wilderness locations safe for people and bears.

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